Delta manufactures Cut To Length Lines (video) for all gauges from .008″ to 1.250″. Delta has lines in operation for over 50 years. Our Cut To Length Lines are the most proven in the industry. Flat
rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass and tin plate are processed on our
Cut To Length Lines. Delta’s Cut To Length Lines produce the most accurate lengths and
perfectly flat sheets or plates in the industry. We provide straight crosscut lines for sheet and
plate, temper mill CTL lines, stretcher leveler CTL lines, multi-blanking lines, trapezoidal
shearing lines and scrolling lines.
Delta Cut To Length Lines are available with stationary shears for start-stop or loop feed
operation and rotary shears for continuous feed operation. Precision four, five and six high
levelers provide superior flatness quality. Stacking systems incorporate air cushion, bomb-door
type, electromagnetic or vacuum to provide a four-sided square and straight bundle.
Delta Cut To Length Line systems are designed for the customers specific requirements. Cut-to-
Length lines are not just an uncoiler, leveler, shear and a stacker any more. Material handling on
the entry and exit of the line can be just as important as the speed of the line in some instances.
Time waiting for a crane is production time lost if the strip is still. The vast types of material to
be processed and there intended use can require additional components in the line. Surface
critical material applications will require suitable strip contact surfaces. Hot rolled strip may
require scale removal. Further down stream processing may require stress relief to the material.
A Delta Cut-to-length Line is a complete system. We have the entry and exit terminal equipment
to get the coils on the line and the sheets and plates packaged and away. We provide the
protection for the surface critical whether it is plastic or paper or a measured coating of oil or
lubricant. Scale removal by brush scrubber and dust and scale collectors for hot rolled scale.
Temper Mills and Stretcher Levelers to insure the sheet or plate says flat upon subsequent
Delta Heavy Gauge Plate Cut-to-Length Lines are available for feed-to-stop operation or
continuous operation with our rotary shear. The feed-to-stop Cut-to-Length Lines are designed to
feed the strip to the desired length and shear the strip while stopped. The plate length is measured digitally.

Delta Heavy Gauge Cut-to-Length lines have a maximum capacity range of 1.25”
thickness, 120” width and 200,000 psi yield strength. The metric equalivent is 32mm thickness,
3 meter width and 1,380 N/mm 2.

Delta revolutionized the industry with the incorporation of the Delta Rotary Shear and a Temper
Mill into Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Lines. The continuous line speed eliminates the necessity
of stopping the temper mill during the shearing operation. Record breaking performance has
been achieved in production, flatness quality and length accuracy. Delta is shaping the future of
steel processing on Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Lines.
Delta Cut-to-Length Lines for medium and light gauge metals are available in configurations
designed for your specific production requirements. Delta Cut To Length Lines produce precision
leveled blanks with precise accuracy. Delta Cut To Length Lines are available with loop/feed roll
fed and continuous/rotary shear feed operation. Both systems are designed for processing surface critical material and tight tolerance accuracy.

In Looping Pit Lines the material never stops in the entry section of the line. The shearing action
occurs as the material is momentarily stopped after it is fed to a predetermined length beyond the
shearing point by the feed rolls or a grip-feed system. The feeder system will must accelerate to
high velocity to maintain a constant average loop depth.
A Delta’s Continuous High Speed Cut To Length Lines, equipped with our Rotary Shear, will
shear the material at line speed, allowing continuous and constant line speed. Delta’s Cut-to-
Length lines with our Rotary Shear have revolutionized the industry by breaking production and
accuracy records. Our accuracy is so near perfect, many of our customers have installed digital
read out systems, similar to those found on machining centers for quality control checks. Our
service center and steel mill customers experience accuracies previously thought to be
unachievable is now at +/- 0.005” on sheet product.
Delta’s Rotary Shear is applicable in many cut-to-length line applications from 0.008” to 1.250”
thickness material. Since Delta’s Rotary Shear cuts on controlled torque, the shear and the
equipment around it see virtually zero vibration. The dual rotation knives minimize blade
opening and knife engagement. Our unique shear blade further reduces shear force and shear
stress on the material. Downtime is virtually non-existent with general preventive care and
conventional knife maintenance with our Rotary Shear.