DELTA Rolling Mills have evolved from DELTA’s Temper Mill Cut-to-Length Lines due to the increased demand for “stay flat” sheet and plate worldwide. Each day the demand for temper-passed or cold-reduced cut-to-length steel increases. On the engineering foundation of the first DELTA Temper Mill manufactured and installed in 2001, DELTA has developed and manufactured Cold Rolling Mills and Skin Pass Mills for clients in North America, Europe and Asia. With the gravitation metal service centers into higher value-added processes such as cold rolling, DELTA has fulfilled the unique requirements with our own high degree of versatility.

Knowing that service centers need to remain flexible, we at DELTA design our mills to be a perfect mix of brute force and delicate finesse. In various installations, DELTA’s mills process a coil of 1.00” (25mm) one moment and .060” (1.5mm) the next without the need to change work rolls or back-up rolls. Our dynamic back-up crowning system means neither service centers nor mills need worry about “campaigns.” Going heavy-to-light or light-to-heavy is as simple as pressing a button because roll crown is automatically induced via PLC control. Furthermore, DELTA customers have the luxury of reduced operating expenses because rather than have multiple roll sets of various crowns in inventory, they can simply operate with the set in the machine.

Our Temper Mills are designed to run coil-to-coil, coil-to-sheet or a combination of both. When combined with the patented ROTARY SHEAR, the system is unbeatable. Our mills are available in two-high or four-high configurations, depending on the application and client’s requirements.
DELTA’s extensive experience and technology in Rolling Mills along with expertise and achievements in cold-rolling technology help ensure that our customers can deliver high-quality product to their customers while maintaining the lowest operating cost possible.