Delta Steel Technologies is the foremost designer and manufacture of high-performance
mill-duty slitting lines ( video ) for the flat rolled metal processing industry. Our knowledge and
successful performance record, experience and customer satisfaction has earned a global
reputation for supplying technologically advanced coil-processing equipment of
outstanding quality, unequaled performance, and incomparable reliability. With more
than 50 years of design and manufacturing experience and our modern 175,000 square
foot facility we offer a complete line of coil processing equipment tailored to our
customers' requirements.
Delta’s engineering team specializes in process, mechanical, electrical and software
disciplines of the steel processing industry and will meet the most demanding challenges.
Our design team employs the latest computer aided design software in 2D and 3D to
assist our customers in equipment design, plant and equipment layout, material flow and
control strategy to achieve efficiency and the highest return on their investments.
Our group of talented and dedicated sales, engineering, manufacturing, and technical
support personnel along with our proficient fabricating and assembly equipment,
precision machining machinery and state of the art computer-aided engineering/design
equipment . . .

Slitting Lines Capacity

Our high-production mill-duty coil slitting line capacity range has a coil weight capacity
to 75 tons, width capacity to 120″, gauges capacities from .008″ through 1.000″, and
slitting speeds to 2,000 FPM. Delta slitting lines can be designed for processing carbon
steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, alloys and ferrous or non-ferrous metals

Slitting Lines Features

Delta Steel Technologies has the slitting solution for your application. Our slitting lines
can provide for slitting high strength material, loop slitting, heavy gauge and
aluminum/stainless steel slitting. Basic slitting lines consist of an uncoiler, a slitter head
and a recoiler.
Sometimes accessories are required to meet the requirements of the slit product. One of
our numerous innovations is the “Fiber Equalizer,” a type of tension leveler, which
eliminates the need for a looping pit while improving the quality of the slit mults by
providing shape correction and a tightly wound and straight-sided slit coils.
An “Injector Head Carriage” system provides the slitter tooling exchange in a matter of
minutes and can be integrated with the quick separator tooling systems to further maximize
uptime. Additionally our slitting lines can be equipped with scrap balers, scrap winders or

dual rotor scrap choppers. We offer drag-pad tension units as well as roller tension
devices. Delta Coil Cars, Turnstiles, Coil Packaging and Banding components provide efficient coil
loading and unloading to maximize coil throughput.
The state of the art control system integration and operator interface is efficient and user
friendly. Our automation division consists of a team of professionals specializing in
electrical control, instrumentation, and software and hardware configuration. All system
confirm to international design standards and safety regulations.