DELTA’s Temper Mills are a result of many technological advancements in the metal processing industry. With the increase of laser manufacturing facilities in the United States and abroad, the demand for “memory free/laser quality” steel has skyrocketed.
A Temper Mill installed in line with a conventional coil leveling line is the perfect solution to the market’s demand for this type of material. DELTA’s Temper Mill allows our clients to cold reduce the steel, thus affecting a majority of the cross-section and eliminating any spring-back that may result from subsequent processes.
Our Temper Mills are designed to run coil-to-coil, coil-to-sheet or a combination of both. When combined with the patented ROTARY SHEAR, the system is unbeatable. Our mills are available in two-high or four-high configurations, depending on the application and client’s requirements.
DELTA is proud to offer One-Source Responsibility. DELTA is the only manufacturer worldwide that can say, ”The whole line was designed and built by us.”